Feuling #7324 Cam Kit – OE+ – 574 Series – Twin Cam


OE+ Camchest Kit

  • Feuling? complete camchest kits include all necessary components from top to bottom of the camchest conveniently packaged under one part #
  • These combination kits not only ensure each individual part is designed to work and function together, but to do so in total harmony
  • These camchest kits take the guess work out of the ordering process and guarantees the engine builder maximum reliability, peak performance and the coolest engine/ oil temperatures obtainable
  • Complete Camchest Kits include: Feuling? High Volume Oil pump, High Flow Camplate, Reaper? series camshafts, hydraulic roller lifters, adjustable pushrods, Timken? bearings, gaskets, O-rings, exhaust gaskets, ARP?fasteners, washers, moly paste, Loctite? and hardware
  • Includes conversion camshafts that updates your old mechanical style cams and tensioners to the new hydraulic tensioner system
  • Includes sprockets, hydraulic tensioners, chains and spacers needed for installation
  • These camshafts utilize the 99-06 inner cam journals with the 07-16 outer cam
  • Cooler engine temperatures
  • Cooler oil temperatures
  • More oil pressure
  • Quieter and smoother engine operation
  • Eliminate wet sumping, blow by and oily air cleaners
  • Designed to increase torque band width and increase fuel economy
  • Great bolt-in camshaft upgrade for stock 88? and 96? engines; also performs very well in 103? strokers
  • Produces strong low- and mid-range power with a linear horsepower and torque curve
  • Can be used with factory valve springs, pushrods and lifters
  • Increases throttle response and eases starting
  • Will also respond well to increased compression and cylinder head work
  • 543 Cam
  • A great camshaft for those who want more top end power than our 525 cam without sacrificing low end torque
  • Extremely smooth cam lobe layout maintains quiet valvetrain and produces the smoothest cruise power band available
  • Excellent bolt-in camshaft for stock to mild 96? and 103? engines and works well in 88? and 95? engines
  • This cam is easy starting, increases throttle response and fuel mileage
  • Responds well to increased compression ratio, performance exhaust and a high flow air cleaner
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    Feuling #7324 Cam Kit – OE+ – 574 Series – Twin Cam